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Prior to scheduling a consultation,  I provide a brief phone consultation to assess fit for my practice.

If I believe you would benefit more from a type of treatment that I do not provide, or from evaluation with a clinician other than myself, I will make suggestions as appropriate. 

Please bring any psychiatric testing results, recent laboratory work or other pertinent information to this appointment.

You are also welcome to bring a friend or family to join us or wait in waiting room.

The initial in person appointment is an hour to an hour and twenty minutes.


These appointments are usually forty five minutes. 

I do not provide fifteen minute "med checks"


Please allow up to two business days for non-urgent refill requests.

Urgent refill requests will be processed within one business day.


If you are currently working with a therapist, I will coordinate with that person upon your written consent

If you are currently seeing a psychiatrist and wish to transfer your care-we will discuss this at your appointment time.

I will coordinate with that person upon your written consent.  


I prefer to keep your information confidential and am not on insurance panels. 

Should you wish to use your insurance, I can provide you with the diagnostic and treatment codes that insurance companies typically require.

I recommend you contact your insurance prior to scheduling appointment to  verify whether you have "out of network" benefits. Some insurance reimburse well, others not at all.


Your appointment time is protected in my schedule. I do not overbook or "double book" and work to assure your appointment begins on time. Should you need to cancel, please notify me with at least two business days notice.  Without this notification, you will be responsible for the full usual fee.

If you should arrive late, we will use the time of your session remaining, you will be responsible for the full usual fee.

I realize emergencies arise and will try to accommodate and work with you

around such events.


Due at the time of the appointment.

Cash, Check, Venmo and Zelle are accepted.

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